Drilling Billy


Concept, 2D and additional 3D graphicsPiet Nyrup Kargaard
Intro rendering and 3D charactersBo Nørgaard
ProgrammingTroels Nordfalk
Additional programmingJacob Nordfalk
Main theme and level-musicSune M. Pedersen
SFX & intro sound, hiscore-, bonus- and autoplay tuneDavid A. Filskov

Additional credits

Windows 95 autoplay menuErik Schack Andersen
Game testingJacob Borella
Singing on main themeLena Sandberg
Voice of Billy's motherJoan Hansen
Voice of BillyDavid A. Filskov
HTML-programming and layoutErik Schack Andersen
HTML-music and textDavid A. Filskov
Various help and supportMorten Bjergmose

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