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Drilling Billy

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Imagine yourself in an unexplored dream land surrounded by funny monsters blocking your way through out various parts of the kingdom, limited only by the borders of fantasy.

Try a demo version of Drilling Billy today!

This game is based on a very simple recipe: We just put together a game which we ourselves would love to play. That way we're certain that you will too.

Looking over the range of today's game concepts mostly being overblown strategy games something was missing. Now, we suddenly find ourselves with a good old fashioned like platform game completed with the best visual and audible standards offered by the present technology.

It's all taking place in a cute environment made with an impressive screen resolution making the 3D-animated characters, the level design and an inevitable wide range of fancy power-ups even more exotic.

That's more or less the story of Drilling Billy. Reexperience the old arcade-rush with today's standards on your personal home computer.

Drilling Billy features:

A non violent gameplay (age 5+)
More than 100 levels in 5 different worlds
Loads of secrets, bonuses, powerups and more
High resolution graphics (800x600), for maximum graphic detail
3D animated characters and powerups
High quality sound effects and Red Book music (CDDA)

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Try a demo version of Drilling Billy today!

System requirements:

  • IBM or 100% compatible
  • 486DX2/66
  • 8 MB ram
  • 4 x CD-Rom drive
  • 5 MB harddrive space
  • VESA 2.0 compatible video card
  • IBM or 100% compatible
  • Pentium 90 or higher
  • 16 MB ram
  • 6 x CD-Rom drive
  • 20 MB harddrive space
  • VESA 2.0 compatible video card
  • Sound Blaster compatible sound card

News on OS/2 version.

OS/2 beta demo available!

Drilling Billy credits.

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