Drilling Billy

The Billy Master Plan

Northwind soft is a small company with it's base in Denmark, heavily depending on different freelance individuals with a passion for computers and computer games.
Drilling Billy is our first release in the computer games market and we do hope that if you like it you will also want to support us by actually buying it.

Developing computer software today is a very risky and cutthroat market, especially because of the widespread piracy, therefore we have tried to make Billy as affordable as possible.
And as a bonus to our customers we are already working on FREE updates for the game. These updates will only work on the retail versions, not the demo or any pirate copies. Here follows a list of the planned updates to the game (this list can and will change as work is progressing)

Need help ??!

Is billy just a little too difficult? Then this file should help you out.

In this text I will try to explain some of the fundamentals of the game, and I will give some hints so that you can get the most out of it.

The key element to complete the 5 different worlds in the game, is to locate the hidden and secret parts within it.
The best (and most satisfying) way to do this, is by experimenting, but you could also read this text I have made for you, but be aware that the fun in actually finding these things yourself will disappear.

  1. On every level there is one or more hidden "spots" in the platforms, to locate these you would have to be lucky, or you could try to knock a monster through 3 (4 including the one it's trapped in) holes at once. Doing this will conjure up arrows to reveal all of the hidden spots on this level. Now simply make a hole right under an arrow and the treasure will be yours. The items that is hidden can be everything from extra points to power ups such as bombs, power gloves, tennis balls etc. A cool thing about hidden spots is that if you have found it once, you will always know where it is in the future.The only thing that changes about a hidden spot is which items it holds.

  2. Some of the levels has entries into secret parts of the game. On these secret levels there is always power ups for Billy to play with. Unfortunatly it can be difficult to find them, but as a general rule I can tell you that the entries are always at one of the sides on the screen, so if you suddenly notice a monster that can walk beyond the borders of the screen or if a platform looks suspiciously placed, then take time to examine if Billy should be able to walk out of the screen here. Take for example level 7 in the Deep Jungle, here you can see a platform hanging out from the right with no apparent purpose, jump down to this platform and walk out of the screen. Voila, you are now on a secret level.

  3. Different monsters have different abilities, and by this I do not only refer to the holes they have to fall through to be eliminated. Here is a description of SOME of the monsters in the game.

    Banana: The easiest monster around, they die even when hit by a tennis ball.

    Pumpkin: This monster changes speed so watch out.

    Spraycan: A spraycan will only be trapped for a couple of seconds so be quick.

    Rock: Immune to tennis balls.

    Lantern: Try to knock this one through 5 platforms, he then drops a POWERUP.

    Starfish: Take him out QUICKLY before he clones.

    Chest: Try to hit him with a tennis ball.

  4. Try to learn ways to utilize Billy's power ups to it's limits. Take for example the bombs. When you have found some, it could be a good idea to try and catch a monster in a top platform. This way the bombs should give you time to make more holes under it before it digs itself out again. This will not only give you more points but also as you know the possibility of finding hidden spots. The tennisballs is another POWERFUL way to eliminate monsters, as you can knock a monster over a platform edge, or into a hole, beware that monsters are immune to tennis balls when captured in a hole or climbing on a ladder.

I do hope that this file has helped you a little further, it does by no means reveal everything in the game but it should encourage you to do a little searching yourself. When you for example complete 10 levels without loosing a life, something good is bound to happen!

Happy gaming.

Piet Kargaard
Northwind Soft

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